Hair & Co is a family ran business between a brother and sister. Their love and passion for hair and beauty is as strong as the family bond they share. With their combined experience they have over 75+ years of working within the hairdressing industry.

Within Hair & Co the strive for excellence is unparalleled to anything seen before. This passion stems from all routes of the company including the main service and other entities that might get overlooked for example, cleanliness.


Trevor Shaw – Co Founder of the Hair & Co Academy

Trevor has been in the hair dressing industry for over thirty years and in that time he has acquired NVQ 1 and 2 Hair Dressing and NVQ 3 Advanced Hairdressing also NVQ 3 Petals in Teacher Training.

Trevor is dedicated to the hair dressing industry and has a great passion on a training level to help like minded people.

A little more about Trevor:

  • Trained at Tony and Guys in Oxford Street, London on an intensive 6 week course
  • Diploma Wella Product Knowledge, plus Colour Level 1 and 2
  • B-TEC Level 3 awards in education and training
  • Colour essentials: L’Oreal
  • Colour keys 1
  • Colour keys 2
  • Hair extensions – Pro-Hair
  • Has managed 7 Salons
  • Diploma for wedding hair / hair up Level 3

Trevor owns his own hair salon called Trevor Shaw’s Hair Design which is based in New Milton, Hampshire.


Julie Stone – Co Founder of the Hair & Co Academy

Julie Stone has been working within the hair and beauty sector for 29 years. Her career started in the Afro Caribbean market. After building a professional stature with the owner and staff of a salon called Hi Tec in a vibrant part of Nottingham; Julie worked hard and tirelessly to build up a client base. One thing Mrs Stone gave to her clients was a professional but friendly relationship which resulted in life long friendships. A pivotal philosophy she lives by is not seeing her clients as customers but as friends. Maintaining a strong work ethic Julie was rewarded with a promotion to manager. She didn’t settle with this position and strived to achieve more.

Due to wanting more experience with different situations Julie moved to the south of England where she focused on European hair. With her past experiences Mrs Stone partook the role of manager immediately. Julie built up a variety of outstanding skills with the two years she worked at E-Clips. After these two years the decision was made to move back to the north of England where she rented a chair for five years.

Through Julie’s career she has managed to gain multiple qualifications from various educational institutions. Some of these qualifications are:

  • City & Guilds (Level 1 and 2)
  • City & Guilds (Level 3)
  • Level three hairdressing
  • QCF (Level 3) – In education & training
  • Wella – Diploma
  • Tony & Guy – Diploma
  • L,OREAL – Colour change input


Julie has also managed to gain some awards which include:

  • First place – Level three hairdressing competition (Nottingham College)


While renting a chair in different salons Julie built up a large customer base were. When she felt comfortable she made the decision to start a business in a salon of her own called Daisy Chain Hairdressing which is based in Arnold, Nottingham. The business is still going strong after multiple years.

Julie has decided that its time to pass on her knowledge to upcoming generations of aspiring hairdressers. With the wisdom that she has gathered through the years it would help teach and inspire the newcomers.


Training is provided in both the North and South of England with trendy salons in both. The two salons carry a professional atmosphere but also a friendly and inviting one. This is important to us as the learning environment that you are in contributes to your success. Along with this we offer a mobile service where our team will come to you. Some people benefit from learning in their own space and this is how they will excel.

The Academy offers a full range of hairdressing services, from beginners to advanced. This is in the form of one to one tuition or in groups. You will learn in a supportive learning environment.


Hair & Co – The Training Rooms recommend and use the following products:

  • Loreal
  • Wella
  • Live colour plus farmavita
  • Olaplex
  • Smartbond
  • Inoa loreal
  • Dia lights loreal
  • dia richesse loreal


Trevor taught me the beginners cutting. He was very friendly and the whole course was run in a relaxed environment.
Maggie Archer
Maggie Archer
Cut & Blow Dry
I decided to book a day course at Daisy Chain to help refresh my skills in cutting.
Sarah Hart
Sarah Hart
Senior Stylist
I booked 4 of my staff in for an advanced cutting course. What a difference it has made to my staffs confidence back in my salon.
Dave Westbrook
Dave Westbrook